Physics Major

Major Student Learning Objectives

Students graduating with a Physics major from Agnes Scott College will be able to:

  • Solve fundamental problems of classical and modern physics, using the necessary mathematical skills;
  • Write basic computer programs as well as employ scientific software and data visualization tools;
  • Conduct laboratory experiments using modern instrumentation, computers and/or simulations;
  • Retrieve, organize and analyze scientific information in tabular and graphical formats;
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    and electromagnetism;
  • Present scientific results, including their historical contexts, in clear written and oral language.

Requirements for the Physics Major

  • Physics 130, 202, 203, 210, 240
  • Four credits of 400-level work (research, internship, PHY401, PHY420, etc)
  • Mathematics 220
  • One additional math course (excluding MAT 100, MAT 101, MAT 104, MAT 117, MAT 118, MAT 119)
  • 5 Courses from the below list, at least 1 from "Advanced" and at least 2 from "Core"
    • Core: PHY321, PHY331, PHY341
    • Advanced: PHY311, PHY361
    • Applied: AST300, AST301, PHY230, MAT326, CHE360

Requirements for the Physics Minor

  • Physics 130, 202, 203, 210
  • Two additional physics courses as approved by the department